Learning To Embrace The Fears Holding You Back

Does the thought of facing your fears make you feel like releasing the hounds pooping your pants?

Maybe that’s not the best way to introduce my first post.

Let me try that intro again.

Have you ever been so excited and passionate about something yet never taken action because you are terrified of what might happen or what people might think of you?

That’s better, it’s also exactly how I feel right now as I write this.

Especially after mentioning the word poop in the first sentence.

I am terrified of writing and uploading this post.

For years I have wanted to create a blog where I can share my ideas and communicate in my own way with like minded people on a similar journey to my own.

However I have been too afraid, allowing fear to stop me from starting even though I really wanted to do this.

Every time I try to begin these thoughts consume me:

  • What if nobody likes what I have to say?
  • What if people think my humour is stupid?
  • What if people write negative comments about me?
  • What if someone notices, that, I don’t, know how to use commas properly?

Honestly. I don’t know what will happen if any of those things come true.

It probably won’t kill me.


Feel free to see if it did by leaving a comment below and if I don’t respond, you know why.

What a shameless request for comments.

Now you definitely won’t like me 🙁

I Know I’m Not The Only One

These fears are something we all face in our everyday lives. It can be consuming and debilitating.

It can completely takeover and control your life if you allow it.

What is it that makes you poop your pants scares you?

I’m genuinely afraid of roosters however I’ll leave that story for another day but if you imagine a 5 year old me being chased around a tree by a rooster you’ll get the gist of what happened.

I also have a fear of being vulnerable and writing about things I care about. Especially when I write in a way that’s a genuine expression of who I am.

It’s absolutely fucking terrifying to be vulnerable.

If you don’t like me that means you don’t like the real me.

If I was putting on some kind of persona I could just rationalize it as you not liking the persona and that doesn’t hurt nearly as much.

Actually Overcoming Fear

We all know that to overcome our fears we need to face them head on but sometimes our fears are just too powerful and we can’t just face it.

I understand.

First we need to accept that we are scared shitless afraid and if it’s truly something we want to do then we just need to take the first baby step towards it, that’s it.

Just start moving one little teeny tiny baby step at a time.

Let’s use an example and say you are terrified of SkyDiving but it’s something you really want to do before you die.

The first small step might be to write a bucket list and put that on there as a constant reminder.

The next small step after that might be figuring out the location and companies that can take you SkyDiving.

Eventually you keep doing these little steps and you’ll find yourself staring out the open door of a plane 12,000 feet in the sky screaming for your mummy.

Maybe that was just me.

All thats left to do is to jump out of the plane and when you do, suddenly you are not afraid anymore, you fucking love it.

You just faced your fears and now you are rewarded with all of those amazing feelings of joy, happiness and confidence. You feel like you could take on the world.

Taking My First Baby Step

Okay not that kind of first step, I mean the first step to writing this article and posting it for the world to see.

My first step was to just open Google docs and start writing about something, anything and figuring out the next baby step until we ended up here with you reading this.

No matter what it is that you are afraid of there is some kind of small less scary step that you can take to get moving in the right direction.

I believe this is how we can truly unlock the best versions of ourselves.

If we just accept the things we are afraid of and find a way to move towards it anyway, we will be completely amazed by the person we can become.

It’s fucking scary but let’s take the first step anyway.

I’m not entirely sure how to finish a blog post so I’ll leave you with a quote from Greg Plitt (RIP).

“Energy is never lost it’s transferred. That negative energy, that fear, when it’s destroyed it comes back in as confidence”

Which is so true. Whenever we face something we are afraid of we end up feeling a sense of confidence flow through us. Like we can do anything.

Imagine living everyday like that.

What an incredible life that would be.

If you want to watch the full 4 minute video you can watch it on Youtube here.


This is my first step into the scary abyss of the unknown.

What will yours be?

Let me know in the comments below.

…or via telepathy if you are an x-man or something.

That was silly.

I was doing so well and then I had to mention telepathy and x-men.

I bet everyone thinks I’m an idiot now.

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